Satoshi Labs – How to play

Satoshi Labs - How to play


SatoshiLabs – Chemistry knowledge not required!


Join this fun and easy game, be the top lab manager and get great rewards with passive income from your labs. You can cashout your earnings to FaucetHub or directly to your Bitcoin Address.

Short guide how to play SatoshiLabs:


The game is easy – you purchase a Lab, keep Energy filled 100% and get a production Reward.

First step is to purchase a Lab. The game is free, so you do not need to deposit, you just have to claim Lab Flaks from Faucet (5 – 15 Lab Flasks every 5 minutes) or complete Offerwalls to get Credits and exchange it for Lab Flaks until you will have enough to purchase. Better Lab = better production, so better claim a few days in order to purchase a better Lab.

Satoshi Labs - How to play Satoshi Labs - How to play



When you will have your own Lab, the next step is get enough Energy to make your Lab works. You will need Credits to fill and refill Energy. Go to Offerswalls and complete some Shortlinks, Offerwalls or PTC walls. Better way is get credits to fill Energy at 100% and to have some credits for Autorefill (when you will be not in game).

When you complete Shortlinks or Offers you can get an extra Bonus (dont forget to claim it).

Satoshi Labs - How to play


Finally, when you have enough Credits to keep the Energy at 100%, your last step is… to get Reward! 🙂  Your Lab produces Lab Flaks every hour, you can exchange it and withdraw in Bitcoins (1000 Lab Flaks = $0.05), or you can upgrade your Lab, or you can purchase another one for more reward. And sure you can still use Faucet to get some extra Lab Flaks.

Also, as a Lab owner, you will get a Pool Reward, which depend of your production.

Satoshi Labs - How to play



But dont forget, you lose 1 Energy every hour for production, each energy point costs 3 Credits + 0.75 Credits for every 5000 Production. So you must control your Credits amount and complete some Offerwalls time by time. You can get max reward from Lab only when Energy is 100%. So keep it up!

Enjoy your Lab production and earn!