Febbit – How to play


Febbit - How to play


Bitcoin mining made fun!

Bitcoin mining game that rewards you with REAL Bitcoin!


Febbit lets you earn Bitcoin by simply playing a fun game. All you need to do is complete missions, upgrade chips, and receive payment all at the same time. It is NOT real mining using your PC power, it is just a simulation. Using chips, you can mine for many hours, even when you’re offline.

Short guide how to play Febbit:


After simple registration, in order to start a game, you just need to click the button Start mining (see How-to-Play Info graphic below). You can see how much time needed for next claim. Before timer ends and before you collect the reward, you can refresh and boost your mining several times by clicking Start mining again, if the progress bar is almost empty (you will receive 1 xp), and Boost (Energy) at the bottom if it is available (also + 1 xp). Do it for fast level up and for bigger claim. Then Collect when you want.

Febbit - How to play

Each time you level up, you will receive a Cache (you’ll see a red point on green gift icon at the main page) which will contain a Chip. Click to open and claim it.

The inventory page is where you can see all the chips you have (use tabs at the bottom to change the page). A chip is not going to work until it is equipped, so install it. You can mix and match chips for creating the most powerful combination.

Dont forget to upgrade your chips – you will see a difference after you upgrade some installed chips (it costs only 4 credits at start)! You can Boost your mining a lot and increase boost duration for more earnings during the same time. For example, Central Processor Unit chip increases your mining power, chip named Overlocker will give you more rewards during Boost. Chip the Thermal Regulator can prolong the time of Boost. Try your own chip combinations and upgrade it for more earnings. Install/uninstall chips and watch the difference in mining.

Also the game has daily Missions and rewards! Click at last tab at the bottom and you can see your missions and your progress there.

Enjoy your mining and earn!