ZEROEclipse – How to play

ZEROEclipse - How to play


Play for free. Survive. Earn Bitcoins!

ZEROeclipse is a place where it is always cold and dark. Will you survive? How many raw materials will you produce? It all depends on decisions you make.


ZEROeclipse is an online economic strategy game with the possibility of earning Bitcoins. You need to keep your world alive in eclipse and develope it. It cools down all the time and needs resources, so you have to think and calculate to survive. As a reward, you get Atoms, produced by your world, you can exchange it for Bitcoins and withdraw.

Short guide how to play ZEROeclipse:


At the beginning you’ll get a basic World (Level 1) with a small base and one uneducated Crew member (Astronaut). You will also get basic resources for the next 24 hours (some Atoms , Power , Gas and HP). You can see it at the main page and at the detailed statistics of your world below.

ZEROEclipse - How to play

Your world produced Atoms (14 atoms per hour on basic Level 1 world) and get evolution every hour (+1 exp). Remember that your world is in eclipse. It cools down all the time. Your new world have a temperature of 12.5 °C. Do not allow the temperature to drop to 0°C because you will not be able to producing Atoms and that means no further development. On Level 1  the temperature drops by 0.24 °C per hour. To stabilize temperature just click on it and set bigger value by clicking up arrow button (sure you need resource for it – Gas, 1 Gas= 10 times you click up).

Also your world needs some resources per hour. See Data to know how much. You can exchange Atoms for resources until you will have your own production. For the first time you must care about Gas and Power most. Click on resource in detailed data to buy it for Atoms.

HP you can easily get from HP Challenge (solve captcha and claim every hour).

EXP you will receive every hour with evolution and also with Bonuses. But more EXP you can get by exchanging resourses for Atoms (buy/sell).

ZEROEclipse - How to play

You need EXP to educate Crew and to Expand your world. Crew will give you more Atoms per hour after education as same as a world expansion.

Basic world produces 14 atoms per hour. Base at the highest level with an educated crew can produce even more than 2,000 atoms per hour.

Enjoy your world development and earn!