Digimon BTC – How to play

Digimon BTC - How to play


Play Digimon Online & Win Bitcoin Instantly!

Take care of Your Pet
Upgrade Your Pet
Attack Enemies and Win Bitcoins, Gems and Magic!

DigimonBTC is a colorfull faucet Bitcoin game, where you have your own Pet – Digimon. You will care about your Digimon, and your Digimon will fight for your to bring you satoshi. Then you can withdraw your Bitcoins directly to your wallet or through FaucetHub micro wallet with no minimum amount.

Short guide how to play DigimonBTC:


After simple registration your Digimon have only 5 HP (Health), so you can start care about you Pet at Hometown. Your Pet needs not much – Drink, Food and a little bit Play (buttons at the left side).

Digimon BTC - How to play Digimon BTC - How to play


Drink and Food gives HP to your Pet, you need just solve the captcha. For Play you need to do 1 simple shortlink (see ad and press Skip at the right up) but you can receive some Magic and maybe Gems.

Digimon BTC - How to play

Gems is the main in-game value. You will need it to Upgrade your Pet, to quick fully recover your fighter Health or to buy Magic Points. You can Purchase Gems (for quick and easy archievement) or get it from Battles.

Magic Points can be used during battles causing higher damage for enemy.


When Pet`s HP is enough, you can attack an enemy Digimons for Battle Reward. In battles, you can get Satoshi, Gems, Magic and EXP for your Pet. Each battle (win or lose, or even you escape) gives EXP for your Pet and Satoshi – for you. If you win you will receive more Satoshi and possible some Gems or Magic.

Digimon BTC - How to play

Sure, better attack enemies when Health of your Pet is full. So drink up, feed up and play with your Digimon to full HP before attack for better chance to win. More care = more satoshi from your Pet.


Also you can Upgrade your Digimon (with Gems). It will increase maximum allowed health +50% and attack damage +50% to fight strong monsters for some period (see Upgrade menu).

And you can choose another Digimon from Team, when you unlock it.

Digimon BTC - How to play


When you Withdraw, just choose “Send Micro Payment (FaucetHub)” if you want to withdraw less than 0.0005 BTC.

Enjoy your Pet, care about it and Earn Bitcoins!